Tuesday 3 September 2013

Kilvey, Swansea

A few hours with the traps and home by midnight! 50+ species including this 4mm puzzle with the frizzy topknot. If anyone can suggest a name I'd be very grateful. I've kept it for now.
Also a weird Yellow-barred Brindle which looked extremely striking in mv light, and Acleris emargana and Matilella (Pyla) fusca which I don't seem to see very often. Also a big plant of white heather amongst all the other purple, a Beautiful Yellow Underwing, and 4 Anomalous.
Query. 4mm long

Acleris emargana

Matilalla (Pyla) fusca

Yellow-barred Brindle ab.

Beautiful Yellow Underwing


  1. Hmm, interesting micro. First thoughts would be a Bucculatrix or Phyllonorycter, but not one I know.

  2. I wondered about Bucculatrix too. There are some photos on the internet which look similar, but the habitat is wrong!

  3. Many thanks. Bucculatrix/phyllonorycter was as far as I got too! I'll keep looking, and will keep the moth in case it needs further investigation.

  4. Sorry Chris a crucial couple of words somehow got lost from my comment, it should have said:

    There are some photos of Bucculatrix maritima on the internet which look similar, but the habitat is wrong!

  5. No, but it's not exactly far from Crymlyn Burrows, and I'm sure it would be found there if anyone looked.

  6. Ah! I can see now that some do look similar, and there are sand dunes etc only a mile or so away. Can I record it as that then?