Monday 23 September 2013

Gorseinon & Oxwich

First time I've trapped the garden for a while so nice to record 29 moth species and a few miscellany, the most interesting as follows: Caloptilia syringella 1, Phyllonorycter messaniella 1, Pandemis cinnamomeana 1 (late), Light Brown Apple Moth 52 (a garden record), Calamotropha paludella 1 (over a month later than our previous latest record!), Turnip Moth 1, Dark Sword-grass 1, Large Ranunculus 3, Silver Y 14, Cream-spot Ladybird 1, Harlequin Ladybird 2 & Nicrophorus investigator 1.

Yesterday I found a few poorly developed mines on Pellitory-of-the-Wall in Oxwich village which I assume to be Cosmopterix pulchrimella, however, I somehow lost my specimen by the time I returned to the the car. Does anyone know if there is anything else these could be? The fly-mine website says not.

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  1. Barry, I'm almost certain that is C pulchrimella - as you say nothing else is listed for Pellitory. Yes quite poorly developed - were they in a sunny spot? They seem best developed on plants growing in the shade.

    I've held off posting about the mines I found at Port Eynon last week in the hope that I'd get a nice photo of an adult, but nothing has emerged yet...hopefully just a matter of time as it's a cracking moth.