Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cadoxton Ponds 23rd August

I put the trap out at Cadoxton Ponds last night and was rewarded with my first ever Jersey Tigers (x2):
Just over 50 species in total with a quite a few new for the site (i haven't trapped there much) including an orange swift (also a new moth for me), broad-bordered yellow underwing, lesser yellow underwing, copper underwing, yellow-barred brindle, brimstone, common carpet, ringed china-mark, brown house moth, Coptotriche marginea, Dichrorampha acuminatana and Dichrorampha simpliciana. A few I'd like conformation of please:
Crocidosema plebejana?

Cochylis hybridella?

Clay triple-lines?
And a couple I'd like help with please:


  1. Nice picture of the Tiger Vaughn.

    I'll be posting later today on my catch from Tuesday night but I had a moth very similar to your final image. I think mine is Cochylimorpha straminea, which would be a new moth for me -it was approx 8mm long which rules out the larger C. alternana. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong!

  2. Plebjana, Hybridella and Clay triples lines look good Vaughn and I agree with Howard on the last one.

  3. Well done Vaughn - a great mix there. Never seen Jersey tiger!

  4. Thanks all, I should have recognised the Cochylimorpha as I think I've had it at Parc Slip but couldn't find it in the book (I blame the 4am start...). Yep Jersey Tiger was on my most wanted list and ticked off another today with a Puss moth caterpillar up in Ceredigion :)

  5. The other one is an Elachista - not sure which from the photo though.