Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cadoxton ponds

I forgot to post this last week but I trapped at Cadoxton Ponds last monday night (25th) and caught 53 species, 26 of which I hadn't recorded at the site before which was satisfying (though I haven't trapped there as often as I should have).
As usual there was a selection of wainscots with smoky being the commonest and a couple of southerns and bulrush too. Another straw underwing for the site was good to see and a few of the new macros included mottled rustic, shuttle-shaped dart and round-winged muslin.
Some of the new micros: Metzneria metzneriella, Lobesia abscisana, Elachista atricomella, Mompha ochraceella and Udea prunalis.
There were also these micros that I'm not sure of:
Bryotropha terrella?
Can any of these Coleophora be identified? (are they all the same??)



  1. These Stripy brown Coleophora need to be dissected I'm afraid.

  2. OK, thanks Dave. Are you happy with the Bryotropha?