Monday, 8 August 2016


Yesterday morning there were just 19 species of moth in the garden trap, a Crescent being the only species of any note. The highlight of the session was a rather smart male Haematopota grandis (a RDB3 species of cleg) - large size, poorly marked wings, oranges sides to tergites 2 & 3  and the first antennal segment is entirely dusted, though unfortunately these features don't really flash-photograph that well.

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  1. Nice one Barry. I used to record this species just across the Loughor Estuary from you at Llangennech. Once, one was attracted either to smelly me or to the white car I was sitting in, parked at the old Morlais Colliery site. I`ve also had grandis elsewhere (in my paper records somewhere, but I have n`t checked), though the RAF range at Tywyn Burrows was one site.