Friday, 12 August 2016

Llandaff Garden - 11th August

A cool night once again after midnight but a few nice to see again and one or two new to garden.

I also had a Aspilapteryx tringipennella, Garden Tiger x 2, Buff Ermine x 13 and another Straw Underwing. There was this smallish unidentified moth below though. I'm sure I've had before.
It's fairly drab looking with a very obvious white band. Under a lens it doesn't look rubbed or worn.


  1. Try rivulet or small rivulet for your last moth.

  2. Thanks Ian, I'm just thinking the white line is a bit different in shape and width for a Small Rivulet. Wing length was around 12mm. I will continue checking my bookshelf.

  3. After looking at a few more images of The Rivulet and seeing Howards, in a more recent post, I do indeed think you are correct. Apologies.