Saturday, 27 August 2016

Horton on Gower last night.

Barry Stewart very kindly invited me along to see what might be in his two traps by the coast this morning. It was perhaps a bit cool for much in the way of migrants but the pick of the morning has to be this pug. We have decided that it really can't be anything else except Satyr Pug. However, there is only one other record from 1857 for VC41 and it doesn't fly in August so any other views welcome. I still have the moth if anyone needs to see it. It looks like the smaller, darker ssp callunaria.
We also had a second, rather worn, pug that might have been the same, plus a Tawny Speckled Pug.
I was very pleased to see 2 Mompha miscella which was also a new species for me, and these three other micros.

Possibly Satyr Pug ssp callunaria

Coptotriche marginea
Pyla fusca
Mompha miscella
Mirificarma mulinella

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