Friday, 18 July 2014

Beech-green Carpet new for Breconshire

I left my two 6W Heath traps overnight at Craig Cerrig NNR on 16th July, and was joined by Mark Evans (and about a million midges) for trap emptying the next morning.

A large catch of around 350 moths of 53 species was recorded, but there was only one moth of real note - this Beech-green Carpet which Norman Lowe has confirmed is the first record for VC42.

There are only two modern Glamorgan records - from Horton in 1995 (Brock) and Coed-y-wenallt in 1997 (Gilmore & Powell). GMRG held a trapping session at the latter site in July 2010 to try and refind it, but without success. Maybe we should try again?



  1. It's certainly worth another look. I'm busy this weekend, but perhaps next week?

  2. Lovely photo, George. Thanks for indulging this grateful spectator and providing a welcome new addition to the life list I would have, if I could be bothered to maintain one ;¬) ... oh, but those midges!

  3. lovely picture George - would it be ok for me to use it in the next issue of the Snowdonia Society Magazine? we caught a couple at Ty Hyll last year but haven't got any decent photos

    John Harold