Monday, 28 July 2014


                      Mike and Jake at Talisker
                     Transparent burnet
                    Narrow bordered five spot burnet,  ssp jocelynae
                    Dotted carpet
                   Pale eggar
                  Cousin german
                 Grey mountain carpet
                 Heath rivulet
                 Rhopobota ustomaculana
                Mike at Cairngorm.
                Mike Powell, David Gilmore and I spent 3 days in Scotland last week.
                Skye was our first stop for the two rare Burnets at Talisker, both were
                seen well in the sunshine and the weather stayed sunny and hot for the
                whole trip. Mike had forgot to get fuel for the generator so the first nights
                trapping at Kylerhea only lasted 55 minutes with very little coming to the
                traps. The second night we trapped at Corrieshalloch gorge, just south of
                Ullapool and a very busy night followed. Good numbers of moths were
                seen (i'm sure Jake has more details on numbers) including Heath rivulet,
                Beech green carpet, Barred carpet, Dotted carpet, Lempke's gold spot,
                Ruddy highflyer, Welsh wave and Rhopobota ustomaculana.
                      The third night found us 1900ft up Cairngorm near Aveimore and
               hundreds of moths came to the traps including an incredible 200+ True
               lovers knot. Also seen were Scarce silver Y,  Cousin german, Double dart,
               Pale eggar, Pretty pinion and Gold spangle.
                      We also saw Golden eagles, White tailed sea eagles, Ospreys, Twite,
               a male Red backed shrike, Red and Black throated divers, Hooded crow,
               Scottish crossbill, Scotch argus, Large heath, Northern marsh orchids,
               Creeping ladies tresses, Common seal, Otter, Mountain hare and, best
               of all, a cracking Pine Marten close up in the headlights of the car for
               at least a minute.


  1. Absolutely mouth-watering (the moths and the birds)!....and a pine marten too!