Friday, 18 July 2014

Parc Slip

The MV survived the heavy showers and strong winds (plus thunder and lightning) and the minimum temp of 19 degrees meant there were a lot of moths present first thing this morning. They were very lively too so undoubtedly lost plenty whenever I reached in to get an egg box. Despite that we recorded over 105 species including over 70 macro species. Highlights were probably a dark form of peppered moth, a very strongly marked black arches (with a wide black band across the centre of wings) - both of which escaped pre-photo, pebble hook-tip, bordered beauty, blue-bordered carpet, chevron, double kidney, rosy rustic and swallow-tailed moth. Plenty I wasn't sure of too so if anyone could help that would be much appreciated:
Is this a white-spotted pug?
I believe this is one of the 2 Rhyacionia sp.? it seems to tick all the boxes for pinicolana in a couple of books but is this photo good enough for id? I'd released it before realising how scarcely recorded they are...
Oidaematophorus lithodactyla?
Paraswammerdamia nebulella?
And finally this tiny moth...

Also in the trap were an orange ladybird, a harlequin ladybird, Cicadella viridis, a hawthorn shieldbug and a red-legged shieldbug.

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  1. Those all look good to me Vaughn, though I find the (Para)Swammerdamias difficult from photos so I'm not too confident on that one. Last one looks like a grotty Elachista.

    R. pinicolana might be only 3rd VC record.