Friday, 4 July 2014

Parc Slip moth morning

I had a successful moth morning event at Parc Slip today after a warm night. Almost 200 moths of 80+ species with quite a few micros escaping while the children were enjoying the elephant and poplar hawkmoths! Not quite as many flashy species as last week but a few first for the year: rosy footman, scalloped oak, dotted clay, antler moth, true lover's knot, dingy footman, barred straw, shaded broad-bar, common emerald, pine carpet, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana and Carcina quercana. Also present was Nicrophorus investigator, absolutely covered in mites. As my normally trustworthy helper overslept (naming no names Paul...) I have a few I am unsure of: 
Is the above Apamea sp.? I couldn't pin it down to species annoyingly.

Cream wave? The dots on the forewing are confusing me a bit...
Round-winged muslin? I've only ever caught 1 and it looked a bit different to this.

No idea with this one...

Marasmarcha lunaedactyla? I assume blown in from the coast if so?

Phlyctaenia stachydalis as opposed to coronata?

Any help gratefully received!


  1. I'd go for Common Rustic agg., Lesser Cream Wave, Small Dotted Buff, Anarsia spartiella (f), the plume is good and the Phlyctaenia looks ok for stachydalis but is a bit worn