Friday, 18 July 2014

Hoary Footman?

I have a vague recollection of Dave querying some Footman records from last year and asking to see specimens in future, but I can't remember which ones!

Anyway, two of these arrived in the trap on 16/7, and I reckon they are Hoary Footman (men?):

Am I OK to record them as that?


  1. Oh no not this debate again!

    Looks good to me Adam, with the pale grey colour and faint pale stripe along leading edge, but see what Dave thinks.

  2. It was Hoary Footman that I was questioning before, mainly becase the pale, tightly rolled one I had in 2006 was posted online as Hoary and then retracted as Scarce once I'd dissected it!

  3. Yes it was Hoary that I was questioning, as the pale, tightly rolled footman I had (in 2006?) turned out to be Scarce after dissection. Hoary is much commoner in the UK now, but I do still worry that Scarce Footman are now being over looked.