Monday, 7 July 2014

Bryngarw CP Saturday Night

There were 4 MVs and 3 actinic lights running for SEWBReC/GMRG's Moth Night Event at Bryngarw on Saturday night. Unfortunately they sky was clear and it proved to be the coolest night for a while, resulting in limited moth activity.

We were all a bit disappointed at the time, but the final total will probably  be in the region of 65-70 species with around 10 of these new for the under-recorded SS98. Highlights at my light were Spatalistis bifasciana and Argyresthia sorbiella, both new for the 10km square, as was Buff Footman. The Spatalistis record is only the 5th for VC41, but the 3rd in the last two years - a species on the increase (and heading west)?

Argyresthia sorbiella

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