Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cwmbach GMS

As I feared, a trap full of soggy egg boxes awaited me this morning, but despite the weather, I had twenty six species, including nine non GMS species.

The highlights were:
Epiphyas postvittana (this species was almost wiped out here by the 2010/11 winter and is only now starting to make a bid for recovery)
Pyla Fusca.
Coxcomb Prominent.
Heart and Club.
Grey Arches.
Double Line.


  1. I did pretty well for GMS, considering there were overnight showers, with 35 species. Common White Wave new for the year.

    Heart & Dart reached a new high for 2012 with 43. Heart & Club seem to be having a good year - I'd 4 last night having only had singletons previously.

    George (Llandaff North)

  2. A very poor catch here with only 10 species. The trap location is very exposed so it was probably the wind. Something of a contrast from 40 species on 27th, including 68 H&D!

  3. Interesting Adam...I had 45 species on 27th, so last night wasn't all that different. Our garden isn't all that sheltered, but must be a lot more so than Rhoose!

  4. Although the species total looks good, the numbers of individuals is usually low. For instance, the two most abundant moths last night, were Chrysoteuchia culmella (5) and Heart & Dart (7).
    The thing I'm thankful for, here is the hills. Although I'm 600ft above sea level and 300ft above our valley floor, we are surrounded by hills that are 500-800 ft higher than us, so although we are more exposed to the West than any other direction and yes it's wet here (283.35mm, for the month, up to this morning)and it always tends to be a couple or more degrees cooler than Cardiff, the corrugated terrain of the valleys tends to baffle the wind and takes the sting out of it to some extent. Also, the moths up here are HARD!