Monday, 25 June 2012


I ran my 22w actinic garden trap, last night and got 17 species, the highlights of which were:
Yellow Shell (common I know, but beautiful nonetheless)
Pebble Prominent (any prominent has to be on my list of highlights)
Green Arches (it's large and green- what's not to like)
Silver Y (some migrant action?)
The Rustic (first for the year)
Peppered Moth f.insularia
Buff Ermine

The Rustic

Peppered Moth f. insularia

Female Ghost Moth
When getting into my car to go to work, I saw a large, orangey moth flutter out of the grass verge, so I caught it and released it onto some red valerian in my garden. It quickly settled into a vertical hanging posture and revealed itself to be a female Ghost Moth.

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