Wednesday, 20 June 2012

(National) Moth Night 2012 - Cancelled

Just to let you know we are planning to hold a Moth Night 2012 event at the Howardian LNR in Cardiff. I am hoping to run it on Thursday night, but this may change depending on the weather! Please let me know if you intend to attend, just in case we call it off last minute!



  1. Dave - I'm keen to come along.

    I'm planning on trapping at Parc Slip on Friday night if anyone fancies coming along to that, but might put this back to Saturday, or cancel altogether, depending on weather. I'll send another post on Friday morning to confirm details.


  2. Dave, I can't do Thurs night at the Howardian as my wife has a work commitment that can't be altered unfortunately. Also the weather for Thurs is looking wet. The whole weekend is going to be very windy too, so any trapping will need to be somewhere sheltered, which we might get at the Howardian perhaps?

  3. The other option might be to cancel the Howardian and reschedule when conditions look better perhaps?

  4. Given the weather I think cancelling is the best option. They may have re-named the event, but bad weather has still followed it!