Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rhoose Point 17 & 19 June

Despite the awful weather over the last couple of days (will it ever stop raining?) I have had a couple of good trapping sessions at home this week.  28 species on the 17th, and a remarkable for this year at least, total of 43 on 19th.

Between the two sessions, new for the year were:
  • Small Magpie
  • Bordered Sallow x3
  • Phycitodes saxicola/maritima
  • Brown-line Bright-eye
  • Clay
  • Spectacle
  • Lackey
  • Mottled Rustic
  • Celypha striana
  • Toadflax Pug
  • Buff Arches
New for the garden record were:
  • Pandemis cerasana
  • Small Dusty Wave
  • Bryotropha terrella
  • Clouded Brindle
Just 2 migrants; singles of Silver Y and Rusty-dot Pearl.

There's one tort that I'm struggling with, may pop a photo up tomorrow. 

Looking forward to summer!

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