Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rhoose Point

Having said there was nothing of great interest in the trap this morning, I may have been wrong!  One moth (sitting between a Clay and a Brown-line Bright-eye) looked like a small version of a Clay but was unfamiliar so I potted it up.  Having looked at the book I am pretty sure it was a White-point, in fact there were two in the trap.  Unfortunately however, I cannot find the specimen!  So that will have to remain a mystery...  Grrrr!

Thanks to George for posting a Eucosma cana, because there was one of those too so that saved me a bit of looking! Also new for the garden record was Scoparia pyralella.

There are a few micros I am still struggling with that I will try to post photos of tomorrow, including a possible Wormwood Pug.

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