Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rhoose Point 1st June

 34 species in the garden trap this morning.  Highlights were:
  • 2 Small Waved Umber
  • L-album Wainscot
  • 5 Silver Y
  • First Large Yellow Underwing & Crambus lathionellus of the year
  • H&D gradually increasing - now up to 11
A couple of queries on the photos below if anyone is able to help:

Celypha lacunana?

Looks like Endothenia gentianaeana?

Can't find anything looking like the last photo!


  1. Agree with C lacunana.

    I think the other tortrix is Hedya pruniana - more white along the leading edge of the wing than with Endothenia.

    The geometrid is probably a worn White-pinion Spotted - they often seem to rest with wings closed.


  2. Many thanks George. The white one is the right size and shape for White-pinion Spotted.