Monday, 25 June 2012


Last night produced 16 species. Highlight was 2nd garden record of Small Elephant Hawk. New for the year: Dark Arches, Double Square-spot (2) and Triple-spotted Clay (2). Also, what looked like a Satin Wave resting on the trap easily avoided my inept attempt to pot it.


  1. Tony
    I'm sure you won't regret getting MapMate. I know it's a bit of a steep learning curve to begin with, but stick with it and if completely baffled, ask Dave. I mainly use it for data entry (who doesn't?), but it is also very useful for checking the recorded status and local distribution of things and checking back through your own records. Somebody I know seems to live on it, avidly looking up this and that, but I only use it when I need to. Now I must get on to MapMate for my commission;¬) Good replicating!

  2. I'm getting on with it ok so far, better than I thought I would, and have been checking out all of the stuff you mention. If any problems do crop up, as no doubt they will, Dave has offered to help me out. I've started entering records onto my database and, fingers crossed, will send my first batch to Dave at the end of the month - watch this space....