Friday 23 August 2013

Bridgend garden 22nd August

We caught 32 species last night including 3 new for the garden, Chequered Fruit-tree tortrix, Swallow Prominent and a Wave species (Silky or Satin?) taking the garden list to 343 (249 macro). Diamond-backed moth was evidence of migration.

New for the year were Vapourer (last caught 2006), Copper Underwing, Rosy Rustic (2007) and Spectacle. We also caught what we think may be a Silky Wave, it certainly has the sheen and is tiny with the right posture, etc, so we'd welcome any opinions, as it is red data book species.
Flame Carpet (from a few nights ago)

Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix

Possible Silky Wave


  1. Definitely not Silky or Sily Wave, looks more like Satin to me.

  2. Ta Barry, I kinda thought that but was not sure. Emma felt it was glossy, but an expert opinion is always welcome!