Wednesday 14 August 2013

Prays fraxienlla vs Prays ruficeps

The discussion on these two taxa has continued elsewhere and according to John Langmaid, if the moth in question has the feint suggestion of 'fraxinella' markings, then it is Prays fraxinella. Prays ruficeps has completely dark forewings, with no suggestion of markings at all, and a rufous coloured head. Whilst a decent photograph should enable you to separate the two if you get a good dark individual then I would appreciate the specimen!


  1. Interesting. So this very dark one posted by Chris (as a query) would presumably be ruficeps?


    1. You beat me to it George! I was just about to re-post that picture. It does seem the same as continental pics of ruficeps. Does it have a B&F number? Not in my copy, or on UKMoths.

  2. It's in my MapMate (0448a), and yes that looks pretty definitive.

  3. Excellent! I will alter my MapMate entry. Many thanks Dave and George.