Friday 23 August 2013

Pluck Lake, Swansea 22nd Aug

A busy couple of hours after the hot day, before the clear sky let it chill down quite quickly.
New for me was Agonopterix liturosa, as well as other nice ones such as Teleiopsis diffinis, Clavigesta purdeyi, 5 Epinotia trigonella, Agriphila latistria, the cinereana form (I think) of Epinotia nisella as well as 3 usual ones. Nice macros to see also were Olive, Crescent, Neglected Rustic, Satin Beauty and a second brood Tawny-barred Angle.
Agonopterix liturosa

Teleiopsis  diffinis

Epinotia nisella form cinereana

Clavigesta purdeyi


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