Sunday 11 August 2013

Seven Sisters

We had an excellent session at Seven Sisters last night, recording 96 species in three and a half hours (2 x MV, 1 x 15W Actinic). The conditions were as near to ideal as they could have been - the threatened rain held off but it stayed cloudy and still, and the temperature help up at 16C through the session.

Highlights were a few species provisionally new to SN80 (an under-recorded square apart from Jenny Colley's trapping at Resolven): Small Purple-barred, Gold Spangle, Sallow Kitten and Ringed China-mark. Other nice moths included Scallop Shell, Scalloped Hook-tip, Slender Brindle, Eucosma campoliliana and Evergestis pallidata.

We caught a couple of Sallows, which is always a mixed blessing - lovely moth but a sign of the passing of summer. Seemed a little strange to catch these on the same night as Clouded-bordered Brindle.

Small Purple-barred
George Tordoff, Richard Smith & Mike Thornton


  1. Glad you missed the rain, unfortunately it started at 10PM here.

  2. Yes we were lucky - some heavy showers as I was driving home.