Friday 2 August 2013


A spur-of-the-moment trapping session last night produced 58 species, of which 10 were new for SS99.  Water Veneer, E. angustana, A. aspersana, A. selasella, Beautiful Carpet, Twin-spot Carpet, Spinach & Buff Footman. An ermine which could be spindle was recorded provisionally. Migrants were Silver Y & Dark Sword-grass [new SS99]. An Ear sp. was taken probably The Ear. Other notables were Double Line [5], Satin Beauty [2], E. pallidata [Chequered Straw Pearl], Gold Spot [2], Ling Pug, Small Rufous & Pebble Hook-tip. Good numbers were seen of Dark Arches & Lesser Yellow u/w: 100+.

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