Thursday 1 August 2013

Could this be.....

My best guess on this tiny (4mm) pale moth is Argyresthia abdominalis but it doesn't occur here. I thought it was going to be a worn cupressella but definitely not.
Also a 5mm very pale Phyllonorycter.
Any suggestions for either gratefully received.
Query Argyresthia abdominalis 4mm
Query Phyllonorycter sp. 5mm


  1. If you're sure it's not cupressella, could it be dilectella?

    Not sure the Phyllo. will be identifiable from a photo.


  2. Thanks George. Yes could be with strongly ringed antennae, but has no apical spot or brown cilia lines. I'll leave it as uncertain for now.
    Agreed. Phyllo I will ignore!
    Cheers, Chris