Saturday 3 August 2013

Bridgend garden Thursday night 31Jul13

47 species trapped, the highlight of which was Ancylis badiana (new for site 339th and the 92nd micro sp). Moths new for the year were Agriphila tristella, Trachycera advenella, Sallow Kitten (last recorded 2006), Pale Prominent (2009), Dingy Footman, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Green Arches (2006), Dun-bar (2008), Cloaked Minor (2006) and Nut-tree tussock. Plenty of Willow Beauties, Marbled Beauties, Dark Arches and Common Rustic (agg).

Butterflies were numerous in the garden this afternoon 03Aug13: 3 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Brimstone,  1 speckled wood, 1 Meadow Brown, 2 Red Admiral and a Peacock. All were going potty for the Budleia, but the Whites also were going for Verbaena and Potentilla.

MIke & Emma.

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