Monday 18 August 2014

Bee hives

I lifted the lid on an abandoned bee hive in Nitten, Mewslade yesterday to discover 100+ Lesser Wax Moth adults scurrying around, plus larvae. I've trapped in this field on numerous occasions about 50m from this hive and have never caught this species. Worth having a word with any hive owners if you know any.
Nitten is the western-most dot
Plenty butterflies flitting around out of the breeze including a couple of Clouded Yellows, plus two rather splendid female Adders under a sheet, one a particularly dark chocolate brown.


  1. I had a Lesser Wax Moth in the garden trap back in July, Barry; First for the garden, and no idea where it had come from. Perhaps they use non-honey bee nests too I wonder?

  2. Not moths, but continuing the bee predation theme, I had the big hoverflies Volucella inanis in Whitchurch yesterday and V. zonaria in Monmouthshire today.