Thursday 7 August 2014

Llandaff North in the rain

I trapped on Tuesday night despite the deluge - it was warmer than the other nights this week, which have been clear and moonlit, and on wet nights like this I can stick my trap under the edge of the lean-to which adjoins the house. As there was no wind to blow the rain under the lean-to, the trap was bone dry in the morning.

Considering the conditions I thought 32 species was a reasonable total, with a few notable micro-moths in the catch: Bedellia somnulentella (a boom and bust species which last appeared in numbers in 2011), Coleophora lineolea (new for garden) and the bunny ears moth Ypsolopha sequella.
Ypsolopha sequella
Bedellia somnulentella
Coleophora lineolea

Coleophora lineolea seems to be almost restricted to the south-eastern corner of Glamorgan (map from my copy of the county database in MapMate - click to enlarge).

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