Sunday 24 August 2014

Overnight in Bridgend

After a week's family holiday in Norfolk we put the MV trap out last night. It was a cold night, so we only caught 27 moths of 14 species. We had 2 new species for the year, Agriphila selasella (first since 2007) and Rosy Rustic. Most of the catch was made up of Lesser, Large and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings. Two Tree Pipits flew over calling to add that autumnal flavour.

Our week in Weybourne, Norfolk was disappointing mothwise due to the weather. We left our traps behind otherwise luggage and perhaps one of the children would have had to be left behind! So we relied on our hosts trapping, which they did just once, but we did see some interesting moths among the 45 species, despite not seeing anything new for our life lists. The highlights were Swallow Prominent, Sand Dart, Least Yellow Underwing, Six-striped Rustic, Heath Rustic, Nutmeg, White Point, Southern Wainscot and Mouse moth.

Mike & Emma

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