Tuesday, 17 October 2017

16th October - Llandaff - Garden

It was far to blustery to keep the trap on overnight last night. However, I kept it on till around 3am just in case. Sadly, it was not worth it with only a couple of moths, a Brimstone, a Snout and an almost fully grown Garden Tiger larvae inside amongst the egg boxes. I've had a Large White butterfly in the past but never a larvae. So is a first for me.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    I think it's unlikely to be Garden Tiger, which overwinters as a young larva. Perhaps one of the ermines or Ruby Tiger?

    I've had a few noctuid larvae in my trap but never any of the hairy jobs!

  2. I wish I had taken a photo. I had seen one or two of them on the Aubretia earlier in the week. I'll see if I can hunt them down for an image. He was well hairy.