Friday, 13 October 2017

NMN - 12th October - Llandaff - Garden

Not ideal conditions but trap started early from 7:30pm till dawn.

Catch included: Light Emerald, Brimstone, Common Marbled Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Autumnal Moth, Light Brown Apple Moth, Black Rustic, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Red-line Quaker and Large Yellow Underwing.

One I'm unsure about was this reddish brown smallish looking moth. I was thinking a rather poorly marked/worn Gem?


  1. I think that might be a female Gem, though it does look very plain. If so, it's a good record as there have been few migrants reported recently despite the warm southerlies.

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  3. Thanks George. It was my first thought and after going through online images of the Gem's, there are some which look very simmilar.
    Still a couple of decent weather days ahead so best of luck to all.


  4. On second thoughts (and I only thought of this because I have one in my garden trap this morning) - could it be a plain Pine Carpet?

  5. I can see the similarity of the Pine Carpet. Perhaps if you posted an image of your pine carpet it may help?
    The wing shape looks different to me. I think it needs a more thorough viewing than just my old eyes.