Thursday 19 October 2017


There were 17 spp in the garden trap this morning, highlights being Grey Shoulder-knot & Delicate (just our 2nd garden rec. and a species which has been very scarce for the last 10 years ).

Query for Dave: For some reason MapMate is hiding my records of Grey Shoulder-knot where I have used the trinomial Lithophane ornitopus lactipennis (this annoyingly being the default entry for my 3 letter code data entry system, which I now change). Also I can see the trinomials don't plot on the atlas maps, e.g. my Oxwich record does not show and I suspect there must be a number of others which are mysteriously hidden. Even when I do an F5 query on the trinomial the records don't show. For ref I do have 4 garden entries for the binomial which show normally. When I figure out what's going on I'll change them to the binomial so they all plot on the same map.


  1. Barry - both versions are showing on my maps Barry, so not sure what is going on. Have you updated to the ABH numbers?