Saturday 14 October 2017


OTD 25 years ago the idea of the GMRG was first thought of. I was going through the trap at KNNR and we caught 3 Blair's Shoulder-knot and the beautiful Merveille du Jour. Steve Moon said they were both new for the reserve. I then asked him what was the significance of these species, and in fact, all the species we had caught that year at Kenfig in a Glamorgan context. He didn't know. It was then I said to him - being a bit of a stato - I'm going to find out. Any suggestions as to where I start? The trail was a long one, being both fascinating and revealing. It lead to the formation of the GMRG in 1995, the database and finally the Moths of Glamorgan a few years ago. We asked Steve Moon could he choose an emblem for the club, he just said it has to be the Merveille du Jour - the moth that made it all happen. 
In memory of Steve Moon & Stefan Golaswezski both founder members of the GMRG and dedicated moth recorders.

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