Thursday 19 October 2017

Craig Gwladus Country Park

A NMN event at Craig Gwladus, Cadoxton Neath, on the night of the 13th, primarily based on two traps left overnight in gardens edging onto the park produced a good tally of 163 moths of 39 spp. Those of interest included Pandemis cinnamomeana 1, Acleris sparsana 2, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana 1, Pine Carpet 2, Spruce Carpet 26, Red-Green Carpet 12, Common Marbled Carpet 38, Pale November Moth 1, Scarce Umber 1, Pinion-streaked Snout 1, Flounced Chestnut 4, Chestnut 3, Dark Chestnut 1, Satellite 1, Merveille du Jour 5, Large Ranunculus 1, Grey Shoulder-knot 1 & Turnip Moth 2. There was a very good turnout of participants in the morning at the opening of the traps, the MDJs in particular pleasing parents and children alike. A re-run is planned for the summer which should add significantly more records to this interesting site, which comprises extensive plantings of Beech, Pine and Sitka, with a large open area recently cleared larch, plus a hanging oak wood with a long line of sandstone crags under its canopy. I did venture up there with a torch at night, unsuccessfully looking for Ivy, and was amazed at the number of young Palmate Newts hidden in the recesses of these vertical crags – clearly an important winter hibernation habitat for amphibians at this site. 

Many thanks to Lisa (Kirman) for organising the event, Jo, Ian and Sue for having the traps in their gardens and to Chris (Manley) for joining me in what turned out to be an exceptionally poor evening session (just 2 spp of moth in 2 hours with 3 traps running - thank goodness for the over-nighters!).

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