Friday, 24 June 2011

Advice on cameras....

I'm thinking of getting a new camera. The reasons why may be obvious if you've seen my posts passim...! Does anyone have any words of wisdom on what might be a good choice for taking reasonable quality macro pics of moths and other insects as well as a reasonable all-round performance in other areas? I don't want to spend megabucks (ideally in the £200 to £400 range), and am expecting to buy second hand.

Two suggestions so far include a Nikon Coolpix 8800, or Nikon D70.

Grateful for any advice!


  1. Adam, Most modern compact cameras do a good job close up, just make sure of the close focussing distance before you buy. Many will focus down to 1 or 2 centimetres, which is fine for micros.
    If you are considering a DSLR then you would need a macro lens to get close focussing as the standard lenses that most cameras come with generally only focus down to around 15 centimetres, which is not close enough for micros. I have an Olympus E-420 (£240) and a 35mm macro lens (£160), which i find excellent. Olympus cameras are small, light and inexpensive compared to Nikon and Canon.

  2. Thanks for the advice Paul. I will try a few out before doing anything rash! Biggest problems are poor lighting from the flash on my little 'point and press' camera and inability to use manual focus.