Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rhoose Point

Here are a few I am having some trouble identifying. As usual, if anyone can help I would be very grateful!

The second to last may be an Epinotia, Grapholita or similar, but I can't see any that have the silver fringe on the trailing edge of the forewing. The last one looks very much like a Crambid to me, but I can't spot any that have the faint cross lines on the forewing... It's too samll to be a C. perlella, with a wingspan of approx 20mm.

Thanks! Adam


  1. Mottled Rustic, a nasty looking Dichrorampha type and Chrysoteuchia culmella

  2. PS i'll get my book out later and see if we can make anything of the tortrix but i wouldnt get too optimistic!

  3. Thanks Barry! After a gentle prod in the right direction and having checked some pics I think it is probably D. plumbana or aeratana. UKMoths suggests it needs a 'nad examination to determine which with confidence. I'll quit while I'm ahead I think!