Thursday, 2 June 2011

We get some good weather for moths at last...

and what happens - my stupid actinic wouldn't light up! It flickered faintly for a few seconds last night then all went dark. :( One of the wires has come away from the bulb socket and its design is such that it's difficult to reconnect - at least for me it is, and believe me I tried! Oh, and just to top it off - I managed to bust a bulb while trying to fix it. :( I have ordered a replacement cable from Paul Batty and am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather doesn't go downhill again before it arrives.

3 moths did come to the living room window - a pristine Beautiful Snout, Crambus lathoniellus and this Esperia sulphurella, which was a new moth for me and takes the total number of species for the garden to 301. Some consolation I suppose.

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