Thursday, 2 June 2011

At last some decent moth-trapping weather!

56 species in the garden last night. Nothing that exciting or surprising, but I'd be interested to know what other folks' top three commonest species are at present? Heart & Dart is top of the pops with me by far, with 132 counted last night. This is followed by 14 Marbled Minor agg. and 10 Common Marbled Carpet (all other species in single figures).
New for the year included Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Udea olivalis, Ringed China-mark, Small Seraphim, Eyed Hawk & Lobster.


  1. I had over 30 species last night, and Heart & Dart is outnumbering everything else at the moment with 60% of the total catch (92 of 153). Joint second in my trap was Willow Beauty & Common Marbled Carpet, with the Minor aggs in fourth

  2. I had 15 Brown silver lines last night, 8 Heart and dart and 7 Minor aggs.

  3. Heart and Dart swamping everything else in Rhoose. 104 last night, and more than 110 on 29/5 (gave up counting!). They are followed by Minor aggs and quite a few Barred Yellow coming in a close third.