Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nitten & Llanrhidian

I have made a comparison of the last two nights from two contrasting sites at
A few photos from these nights below:

Shaded Pug - Llanrhidian
Beautiful Brocade - Nitten (also seen at Llanrhidian)
 Figure of Eighty - Nitten (also seen at Llanrhidian)
Crescent Dart - Nitten


  1. What is the figure of 80 sitting on? Those holes are larval signs for something!

  2. I know I did wonder myself. It's probably Chicory, or less likely Broad-leaved Dock. Now where's my observers book of sticks!

  3. It couldn't be Hemp Agrimony could it - making the holes Adaina microdactyla?

  4. No def not that as it does not grow there, plus the ridges don't look right for that. I have a hunch it may be caused by a beetle grub? I'll have closer inspection next time I'm down there...

  5. Just had a thought, Chaerophyllum temulum grows at this site and looks a good possibility - this may provide a few lepidopteran possibilities?

  6. That's definitely a Rumex I'm afraid - there's the start of an old seed whorl on the branch. Wish I could help with the moth IDs as well, but I'm far too rusty :-) Sam