Monday, 6 June 2011

Rhoose Point 5th June pt2

Any ideas for any of these? Despite the poor photo the first has 3 raised scale tufts, and may be Mompha Ochraceella, if so would be new for ST06? Second photo is an Yponomeuta perhaps but not sure which one (although I appreciate it is difficult group!). Wingspan is approx 30mm. And the third looks like a melanic Dart of some kind - the photo makes it look chestnut brown but it is almost black.




  1. The ermine is Thistle Ermine (the pyralid). The mompha looks right (I'll check the database when I get in the office). As for the dart - can you look at the forehead? It looks like a dark Heart & Dart to me, but could be HEart & club.

  2. Having compared the pics to those in W&T I think it is a very dark H&D. Thanks Dave!

  3. Both this Agrotis and the one on 25th May look like Turnip Moth to me - check out the shape of the claviform stigma, the rather speckled general appearance (and the length of the filiform section of the antennae on the one on the 25th).

  4. You are quite right on both counts Barry.