Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rhoose Point

45 species in total in the trap this morning, so comparable to Sunday night with it's higher temperatures, albeit with a much lower number of moths overall. Thankfully from my point of view the number of grass moths was a small fraction of sunday night's total! A couple of migrants, a Silver Y and a Ni Moth (pic below). I've added a couple of pics of others I haven't seen before or can't id as well.

Not sure what the next two pics are - any pointers welcomed!

Ebulea crocealis

Pretty sure this is Horisme tersata (Fern)

And finally the Ni Moth...


  1. I'm not certain about the first one, but I think it's a male Bee moth. The second is definitely a female Bee moth.

  2. I see it now you've pointed it out - a bit confused by the other bee moths I've seen that are more highly coloured! The moth in the first pic is about two thirds the length of the second. Would that fit with their dimorphism?

  3. Nice Ni Adam. I make that the 17th county record and hopefully the start of an immigrant invasion.

  4. Thanks Barry. I had to climb on top of the garden table to extract it from about 9ft up the wall of the house, but I'm glad I did now! The weather forecast seems reasonable for tonight so maybe I'll see what else is out there!