Saturday, 4 June 2011


Mike Piercey & myself recorded exactly 100 spp (451 individuals) in two 125w MV traps left overnight; highlights included Eudonia pallida, Opsibotys fuscalis, Thistle Ermine 5, Figure of Eighty 8, Little Emerald, Oblique Carpet 12, Wood Carpet, Rivulet, Shaded Pug 2, Narrow-winged Pug, Small Seraphim 11, Sharp-angled Peacock, Privet Hawk-moth, Eyed Hawk-moth, Elephant Hawk-moth 18, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Lobster Moth, Red-necked Footman, Dark Sword-grass, Beautiful Brocade, Dog's Tooth 20, Double Line 2, Striped Wainscot 4, Miller 2, Silky Wainscot 2, Pinion-streaked Snout 3 and a male Glow-worm!

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