Thursday 23 May 2013

Coed y Bedw trapping - Saturday

I'll be doing some trapping with the WTSWW at Coed y Bedw, near Taffs Well, on Saturday night (25th May). All welcome, with or without traps and generators.

The forecast currently looks a lot better than today and tomorrow!

Meet at the end of the track which leads to the quarry (ST109825) at 9pm. From there we'll head over the road to the reserve.

You can post a comment here if you plan to come, or just turn up on the night.



  1. How far is the reserve from the carpark George? I may come but can't carry my jenny far.

  2. I think it's about 300m down the lane, unless there's another way in I don't know about. But we'll be able to drop equipment off at the entrance anyway...

  3. Actually there's a stile into the reserve almost opposite the quarry entrance, so I guess we'll be going in that way...

  4. Hope you get a good night George. MCP & me did some trapping there back in 1997 and thought the area of great potential. We had Buff Footman there in July, which at the time was a VC41 first. We trapped about 30m in from the quarry style, along the top path, and also along the bottom path in various places [2xMVL & netting with torches] . Good luck.

  5. Thanks Jake - the weather won't be ideal but it has to be better than today!

    I saw from the database that you did quite a lot of trapping there, but as it was 15 years ago things might have changed a bit, so it'll be good to get some updated records.

  6. Count me and my trap in. George. Regardless of the cool conditions, it will be good to give my trap its first airing of the moth season, proper.

  7. I would be there George, but am away at the moment!