Thursday 30 May 2013

"Disappointed of Cwmbach"

As I have a late-ish start today, I ran my garden trap last night, but despite the reasonable overnight minimum temperature of 9.00C, the catch was once again disappointing, consisting of just seven moths of seven species and an odd mix they were too:

Red-green Carpet
Brown Silver-line
Peppered Moth
Pale-shouldered Brocade
Clouded Drab
Hebrew Character

Plus this nondescript pug, which was photographed on the trap, when I was switching it off, but flew off before I could pot it. I can't make anything much of it, but has anyone else got any ideas?

Mystery Pug


  1. Could be Golden-rod, it's quite like one of those we had last Friday. But I guess it would need dissecting to be sure.

    I had 8 species, the best being Iron Prominent.


  2. It does look a lot like Saturday's pug, now you mention it. Another one for the "We'll never know" file.

  3. I get quite a few of these, and I'd be confident it's Golden-rod.