Saturday 18 May 2013

Cwmbach GMS

Another dismal catch in the garden, with just singles each of three species: Shoulder Stripe, Water Carpet and Hebrew Character.

Shoulder Stripe

Water Carpet
It seems that as far as the moths are concerned, it is still March.


  1. Three moths of three species for me too - Flame Shoulder, Brindled Beauty and Brimstone. Also two Cockchafers.

  2. Interesting! I had two dismal catches this week of 3 and eight species, but last night was a lot better with 15 species. Also now seeing species that I'd normally expect to see around this time eg Red Twin-spot carpet, 4 Waved Umber (the most WU's I've ever seen on one night before I think) and a Silver Y.

  3. I haven't had any Brindled Beauties yet, this. year. I've never seen Red Twin-spot Carpet, Adam. I thought I'd had one once, but according to MapMate, I haven't.
    The problem with the moth catches is we are still having either mild nights which are wet and often windy, too, or they are calm, but cold, such as last night's 3.20C, or the 1.70C of the night before. Given light winds and sunshine, the days can feel as they should in mid May, but the evenings and nights are still a month or so behind. I can't recall when we last had an ideal mothing night: dry, overcast, mild and humid. Certainly not last year and not this year either, so far. We can but dream and hope!

  4. You are probably right Mark - it wasn't anywhere near as cold down here last night, (about 8 degrees just before 12) and it was the first very calm evening we have had in May.