Tuesday 19 July 2016

Llandaff - Monday 18th July

A very warm and humid night. So warm I spent most of the night in garden hovering over the trap.

There was not alot of action in or around the trap till about 1am but even then for such a warm night it was quiet.

Nothing really stood out but these were the best of the catch and a couple new to the garden - Agapeta hamana, Orthopygia glaucinalis, Phlyctaenia coronata, Enarmonia formosana, Monopis obviella, Oegoconia quadripuncta, Epinotia nisella, Endotricha flammealis, Smoky Wainscot and a Slender Brindle.


A rarther pale looking E. flammealis



  1. Same over the river Stephen - a fairly quiet night considering the weather. Perhaps the full moon was to blame.

    I did have Udea prunalis new for the garden, but I can't get very excited about that!

  2. Also Phyllonorycter heegeriella new for the garden.