Friday 8 July 2016

Parc Slip

Just shy of 80 species at Parc Slip on wednesday night with peppered moth the most abundant. A few highlights for me: a fresh large emerald is always nice to see as are the first burnished brass of the year. I don't catch many phoenix either and i also had my first barred straw, single-dotted wave, beautiful golden Y, green pug and july highflyer of the year.
Plenty of micros about too including my first ever marbled orchard tortrix, Hedya ochroleucana and Notocelia rosaecolana, my 2nd ever Zeiraphera isertana and firsts for the year of Caloptilia stigmatella, Argyresthia brockeella, Mompha ochraceella, Gypsonoma dealbana, Perinephela lancealis, Ebulea crocealis, Eucosma cana, Phlyctaenia stachydalis, brindled plume and bramble shoot moth.

There were also a couple I wasn't sure of:
'Just' Mompha propinquella?
Platyptilia isodactyla?


  1. I would say No1 is correct. Forewing tip is sharp for P. isodactyla, so prob P. gonodactyla. No3, Brown house moth?

  2. The markings look good for isodactylus though. Agree with Paul re No 3.

  3. Thanks both, I thought maybe brown house moth but it was particularly tatty! So are we happy to go with isodactylus??

  4. I agree with Paul - the wings are the wrong shape for isodacylus.