Friday, 15 July 2016

Merthyr mawr warren. 13/7/16.

                             Brown scallop
                             Brussels lace
                             Archers dart
                            Coleophora lixella
                          Female glow worm.
                          Ran one MV light from 10pm - 2am. A good catch for 13 degrees.
                          106 species in all with good numbers of Yellow tail, Garden tiger
                           and Barred yellow. Also Rush veneer, Elachista triatomea, Fern,
                           Beautiful hook tip, Haworths pug, White line dart, Small waved
                           umber, Dotted clay and Dark sword grass.


  1. Great stuff Paul, Merthyr Mawr always seems to deliver, even on cool nights. I'm sure quite a few of those will be new for the site list.

  2. Great pics, Paul, and more on Facebook too I see.