Monday, 13 June 2011

Rhoose Point

Any ideas what this very drab little tortrix is?


  1. Could be Timothy Tortrix, Aphelia paleana, but not sure - looks a little bit too brown.

  2. I agree it's an Aphelia, but I wouldn't like to say which.

  3. Thanks both!

    Having looked at pics of unitana, paleana and viburnana on the internet I think it's most likely the latter, but can't be sure as it isn't the freshest specimen, though it definately doesn't look yellowish. If it is viburnana it would also be some way away from it's food plants.

    I also think I may have mis-identified one or two of these in recent weeks as lightly marked LBAM's. If one turns up again, I'll load up another photo!

  4. Having checked with the book, if it's brown it should be Aphelia viburnana.

    I don't think proximity to foodplants are an issue - the foodplants listed in Bradley et al are:
    in spun leaves of various herbaceous and other plants, including Vaccinium, Erica, Myrica, Salix, Helianthemum, Potentilla, Lythrum, Lonicera, Spiraea, Pastinaca, Teucrium and Centaurea; also on Abies and Pinus. On the Continent Viburnum, Andromeda, Alisma, Ledum, Sanguisorba, Artemisia, Coronilla, Lysimachia, Scrophularia and Lotus are among the foodplants recorded for this species.

  5. I will record it as A viburnana! Thanks Dave.